Re-brand gets nod, but still “different by nature”

It was 33 years ago that Noosa Council adopted the Boronia flower as part of its brand logo.

But 1990 is a long time ago, and council has used $60,000 of Corporate Plan funds to come up with a more reflective image of today’s post-amalgamation Noosa.

Designed by a client at council’s own Peregian Digital Hub, the new design applies colours which, as Cr Frank Wilkie said at its General Committee meeting, were “arguably better [in] reflecting the colours likely to be found in Noosa nature”.

Importantly, the tagline “Different by Nature” has survived the proposed re-brand.

Staff pointed out that various offshoots of the council such as the Aquatic Centre and libraries had developed their own logos and it was time to bring the whole council back under a single aegis that promoted harmony and pride among the staff.

Council CEO Scott Waters said the rollout would be “staged” whereby current stocks of stationery and logo-labelled clothing would be used up before replacement with the new livery, while a quote of only $5000 had been received to change over the council’s higher-priority vehicle fleet signage.

Cr Brian Stockwell said Noosa Council’s reputation in managing waste ensured that as much material and stock would be used up before replacement.

He also said Noosa was known for its high-quality design and the brand at 30 years old was no longer fit for purpose in that vein, and added that council was currently having difficulty in recruiting staff and a more modern look would assist that effort.

Cr Amelia Lorentson said she was impressed about the description of the new brand as a different way of ‘talking to the community’, and that she liked the ‘new and bold’ approach the brand represented.

The endorsement was unanimously approved by councillors.


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    Just loved the article in Noosa Today about this change. Verbosity at its best. Rigorous, in-depth, research, deep analysis, dedicated, heritage, vibrant, progressive, agile, customer centric, distilling the essence, new aesthetic, etc etc. Yes Minister at its best. On reading that I reckon the cost of this exercise will be enormous but that’s OK, ratepayers are a bottomless source of funds.

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