A message post delivered

The weather has challenged all of us this summer.  Spare a thought for artist Kay Christochowitz who’s been braving the elements most weeks since early December on a giant tree stump overlooking Peregian Beach.

This week he finished his magnificent sculpture, the Peregian Beach Message Post.

Kay Christochowitz started work on the Message Post in December, 2021

This prominent beachfront work of art was created from the ruins of an old Norfolk Pine, scorched in the 2019 Peregian fires.  

It now stands as a powerful message about the connection of the Kabi Kabi people to the land, and our community responsibility to care for the coast and the creatures that live here. 

The sculpture is a collaboration between local architect Sharyn Kerrigan – who came up with the idea, artist Kay Christochowitz, Peregian Beach Community Association – and its bushcare coordinator Rochelle Gooch, with help from Noosa Council and the Federal Government through its National Bushfire Recovery fund.

PBCA’s Rochelle Gooch, artist Kay Christochowitz and Sharyn Kerrigan

Perhaps the sculpture’s first message could be to all those walking on our beach.  Please help pick up some of those millions of tiny polystyrene beads left by the pontoons washing up on our beaches and threatening marine life along our shores.

If you would like to see Kay’s work, it’s at Beach Access 59 at the Southern end of the Peregian Beach foreshore park in the village.


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