Meet this local tree hollow resident

Squirrel Gliders bear no relationship to squirrels other than both animals having bushy tails. Of course, there are no native squirrels in Australia, although attempts were once made to introduce them a century or so back by muddle-headed acclimatisation societies. 

Some squirrels did escape from Perth Zoo in recent times, and numbers reached a thousand or so before an eradication program dealt with the problem. Thankfully, squirrels are easy to trap.

Squirrel Gliders are bigger than their better-known cousins, the Sugar Gliders, but otherwise look very much the same. 

These cute animals live on nectar, pollen, plant sap and the odd insect. Like other gliders, they can fall prey to dogs, cats, foxes, owls, goannas and barbed wire fences. 

Squirrel Gliders require old tree hollows to while away the daylight hours and also to raise their young. 

Tony Wellington

Writer & Photographer

Former Mayor of Noosa, author, photographer, artist, film-maker, lecturer, musician, social commentator and environmentalist. Welcome to Tony’s stunning view of what makes Noosa special.

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