Noosa Coffee gets personal, and green

Noosa has always been a place that applauds locals who take a shot at doing things differently, especially if our environment benefits.

Maree O’Connor, founder of local start-up Coffee Cuff, is making a personal statement about the massive number of coffee cups that end up in our landfill, and it doesn’t get much more personal than your coffee with your name and exact order on it at your favourite coffee shop.

Maree O’Connor. “Coffee Cuff” founder

Maree says, “biodegradable cups are more expensive for the cafes and – like the compostable versions – they need a specific process to help them degrade. I imagine a lot of busy people may just throw them in a standard rubbish bin like they did before.” 

“As a business, we are trying to cut down on wastage and environmental impact.”

Cup and ‘Cuff’ trial begins Monday 3rd April 2023 in Noosaville 

From Monday 3rd April, Little Cove Coffee (between Aldi and Sum Yung Guys on Weyba Road at Noosaville) will be the first to offer this simple but novel solution to their customers to reduce landfill by ordering one of the personalised cups. 

The product is a reusable cup and silicon cuff with the individual customer’s name and drink order already engraved.

Little Cove Coffee owner Michelle Warrick says “This is the cleanest alternative to the burden takeaway coffee cups have on our landfill load”. 

“Our coffee grounds go to local gardens and many people are now beginning to bring in reusable cups for takeaway. This is the next step for us.” 

Maree O’Connor says “Personalising is so popular at the moment and combine that with an eco-friendly alternative; a reduction in errors and lower administration…and customers should walk out having a more intimate, successful and consistent experience.” 

Western Australia has announced a ban on non-compostable takeaway coffee cups will be enforced from March 2024 after a 12-month transition period, while South Australia has committed to removing the cups from sale in September 2024.  Hopefully the Eastern states will be close behind.

Progressive Noosa businesses like Coffee Cuff and Little Cove Coffee are getting ahead of the game and that’s worth our support isn’t it?


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